Dead Moon Lizard Kings


Northern UK progressive doomers Dead Moon Lizard Kings, explore the boundaries of music, jamming an erratic blend of mellow, psychedelic blues vibes peppered with planet-cracking, fuzz-encrusted doom riffs, the Lizard Kings’ schizophrenic sound can be difficult to grasp, but near impossible to put down.  Drawing on emotions summoned from lived experiences coupled with a love for late 60s psychedelia and deep existentialism, the band of four have put blood, sweat, and a lot of effects pedals into their various musical styles. Dead Moon Lizard Kings came into existence in the winter of 2014 when four like-minded hermits came together in a sonic celebration of the weird, loud and imperfect. The result was their first EP of doom-infused acid rock that promised much more from the introverted quartet. Turn up and phase out. 

The latest release 10th April 2021 “What is Death?” features the nostalgic warmth of retro live-room recording, the genre-spanning experimentation of prog-metal, and the expressive grit of more extreme underground acts.