Where did we start…
It all harks back to an involvement with a few labels back in the 1980s, helping bands to release their own material, on them black disks called vinyl, basically helping them with publishing and all the other bits associated with the process of getting a record out.
After faffing about sorting releases out for a handfull of bands, Nilbymouth Records arrived on the scene in 2009, the first release being the single (Bringback) Carol Vorderman by The Amazing Spacefrogs, prior to that The Amazing Spacefrogs released their debut album in 1997 on Bogsnorkeller Records, a label looked after by one of the nil by mouth crew.
Fundamentally, the main aim of Nilbymouth Records is to help artists get their music out in the digital domain, and support them with all the other hassles that go with it, thus keeping the DIY mindset alive and well in the 21st Century. This originally started with just digital downloads then very quickly turned into music streaming then getting CDs sorted and finally overseeing the production of vinyl.

Latest News

    Alternative-rockers The Floral Detectives’ new single, The Masquerade (That Kinda Guy), channels the band’s undeniable rock and roll know-how into a fantastically upbeat social commentary about that ignorant friend we all have. Link To Review Here – LINK
  • Concrete Kingdoms
    The second single of 2021 from Concrete Kingdoms, ‘Russian Roulette’ centres on the unpredictability of life and taking chances on bold decisions when the future is uncertain. Built on a thundering main riff and a departure in structure and style from previous tracks, ‘Russian Roulette’ is easily the heaviest hitting Concrete Kingdoms release to date. Again recorded prior to the reintroduction of lockdown measures, the track is a further glimpse of the heavier direction of the band going forward. For streaming links click Here https://www.artistcamp.com/SmartLinks/9008798429394/. Don’t forget to share!
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    We love you all.
  • Deaf Forever
    Deaf Forever is an Alternative Noise band from the North East of England. They combine a variety of styles of music that make their own unique individual sound.
    Follow the link to check out a very nice review! LINK