Where did we start…


So Nilbymouth Records arrived on the scene in 2009, the first release being the single (Bringback) Carol Vorderman by The Amazing Spacefrogs, prior to that The Amazing Spacefrogs released their debut album in 1997 on Bogsnorkeller Records, a label also looked after by Steve Hoggart. Fundamentally, the main aim of Nilbymouth Records is to help artists get their music out in the digital domain, and support them with all the other hassles that go with it, thus keeping the DIY mindset alive and well in the 21st Century. This originally started with just digital downloads then very quickly turned into music streaming then getting CDs sorted and finally overseeing the production of vinyl.

It all harks back to Steve being involved with a few labels back in the 1980s, helping bands to release their own material, helping them with publishing, and all the other bits associated with the process of getting a record out.

Established since 1999

It never ends

The passion for original music will never die. It grows

Stay Hungry and Strong

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